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The successful export and import of a shipment depend on the numerous entities. No matter what is the size of your shipment, a custom clearance agent and freight forwarders play a massive role in the entire process. Where the freight forwarders are responsible for the movement of the consignment by following on clearing and forwarding aspects, a custom clearing agent is specifically responsible for the clearance of imports and exports of goods.

Import2India makes the import from China easy, convenient, and hassle-free by precisely performing the custom clearing process.

Benefits of hiring the professional custom clearing services

Doing import from China is a complex process. Hiring a custom clearance agent will make your job easy. Want to know how? Let’s understand:

Offers detailed information regarding complex administrative necessities, including logistics, cargo shipping, warehousing, and distribution

Facilitate custom clearance and make sure goods reach the intended destination securely

Helps you avoid unnecessary expenses such as expensive deferrals, fines, reallocation of the stock, and different penalties

Makes the paperwork convenient

Clearance of goods at the customs becomes easy

Why choose Import2India as your custom clearance agent?

Complete knowledge of HS codes, the calculation of Duty, and GST

Have the capacity to provide the necessary documents for the customs clearance

Explain to the customers about duty drawbacks of a particular shipment

Quickly identify crucial details of the shipment and make sure they are ready for inspection

Familiar with emergencies and overseas cargo shipment issues for easy and quality shipment of the cargo

A strong relationship with partners in China. It allows us to help our clients get the most effective results in the entire import process.

Responds quickly to customer requests in case of any emergency

Clearance of cargo from the seaport or a country’s border crossing is a detailed process. It demands professional, operational, and organizational expertise to carry out the entire procedure successfully. Custom clearance agents have the capacity to perform these specialized tasks. With them on board, you can ease your job and do hassle-free import from China!


Customs clearance is the process of seizing goods through the customs authority to enable the movement of shipment into a country (import) and outside the country (export). The document states that all duties have been paid and the shipper’s goods are cleared for export.

For the smooth clearance of goods from the port through customs, you should have:
● Bill of Entry
● Bill of Lading
● Commercial Invoice
● Packing list of goods
● Certificate of Origin
● Import license of the consignee
● Insurance certificate
● Letter of Credit (L/C)

Timely documentation and submission of paperwork to authorities are necessary

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