Choose professional forwarding and clearing agents in India

Export-import procedures are very complex, time-consuming, and detailed processes. It demands a considerable amount of knowledge, experience, and expertise from the businesses. If you don’t have the knowledge of what goes behind conducting successful imports from China, the chances of discrepancies grow even more!

Growing importance for forwarding and clearing agents

Hiring a team of professional clearing and forwarding agents in India becomes necessary. They are experts and well versed in the customs and shipment procedures. To ensure smooth and timely shipment of goods from China, you must appoint a competent C&F agent who can offer services like:

Transportation of goods to docks and arrangement of warehousing at the port
Warehousing facilities
Booking of shipping space, air freight, and advice on the relative cost of exporting goods
Arrangement for loading of goods
Offering information on shipping lines and freight to different destinations, and various payable charges
Getting marine insurance policies
Forwarding banking collection papers
Preparing and processing shipping documents – Bills of Lading, Dock receipts, Export declarations, Consular invoices, Certificate of Origin, etc.
Tracing the goods in case of any discrepancy
Goods storage facilities in major international markets

Import2India is your ideal forwarding and clearing agent that ensures smooth conduct of business and timeliness of delivery of goods from China.

The overall business logistics process becomes easy, simple, and convenient with our professional international cargo services. With our transparent service, you can make sure that your shipment is in the right hands.

Why choose Import2India as your forwarding and clearing agent?

The successful imports from China depend on the performance of your C&F agent. You need to be selective in this aspect. Import2India makes sure that your shipment arrives on the due date. Being your ideal logistics partner, we ensure you:

Years of experience in dealing in import-export consultancy services

Team of specialists that takes the responsibility for ensuring safe and smooth logistics

An extensive network of carriers and forwarders to carry out the logistics services and provide door-to-door delivery all over India

Offer wrap-around services, including documentation, fast-track customs clearance, and minimizing the risk of cargo delay or mishandling.

Dedicated and excellent customer care for greater communication throughout the logistics process.

Ensuring safe, smooth, and convenient import-export becomes possible when you choose the right C&F partner. By ensuring these services, Import2India proves to be your ideal choice.


Clearing and forwarding agents act as a link between owners of goods and means of transport. By completing the number of procedures and documentary formalities, they help in the efficient movement of goods from across the border nations, the reason why businesses look forward to hiring them

Import2India provides the best import-export consultancy services to ensure smooth and timely shipment of goods from China. With the right selection of mode and route of transport, we minimize your time, effort, and investment in the logistics process and deliver the shipment timely. Connect with us to get more insights into our offerings