Get the best shipping service from China to India

Transporting goods from China seems to be a troublesome task for many businesses today. It demands time, effort, and a considerable amount of investment. Without having expertise, knowledge, and in-depth know-how in dealing with outside border transactions, you can’t ensure a successful import of goods from China. At this point, approaching a well-established agent becomes mandatory who takes the responsibility for the best service and shipping charges from China to India.


Import2India is your perfect partner to import goods from China to India. We take the responsibility of planning sea, air, rail, or road freight between those two countries for all sorts of items, including perishable or hazardous goods. At the same time, we also quote the relevant shipping cost from China to India. With our strong network of logistics agents, we can connect every corner of China to all locations in India. No matter what is the volume, weight, quantity, and type of goods, we import them for our clients by precisely following the transfer steps and procedures between the two countries.

Our expertise

15 years of experience in import-export

Take charge of all your procedure and the inherent paperwork

Lowest freight and shipping cost from China to India per kg

Bring in the transparency in the logistics procedures

Complete professional assistance through shipping services

Facilities for product shipping service from China to India

More than 100 English & Chinese speaking Translators in Guangzhou, Shishi, Keqiao, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Wenzhou, Taizhou

Security & shipping forwarding logistic agents spread all over China

Offers door to door delivery service all over India

Efficient Legal Team to ascertain Customs Duty Calculations, Relevant HSN Codes, GST Tariff classification, and many other laws applicable in India

Site Inspection at China Factories

Offers relevant insights into China to India shipping cost

Problems during Import

Currently, India’s transport infrastructure is vastly underdeveloped. It’s a major obstacle to trade in general. Also, Indian resellers have to find manufacturers in China to make their business here. It is only possible with a trustworthy dealer. In reality, it is difficult to find a reliable agent who takes the responsibility of doing the entire shipment process and delivering the promised products. Getting the right logistic service is not easy either. People look for a cargo and freight company that delivers products in pristine condition and within the promised time period.

Best way to transport goods from China to India

Identify the goods for import

Ensure the goods for import are permitted into India

Contact Import2India and get the best quote for the shipping cost from China to India

Track your shipment and complete the formalities

Obtain your shipment hassle-free


Doing imports from China becomes easy when you get the best shipping service. To ensure the same, consider these aspects:
● Your business requirements
● Delivery speed
● Delivery range
● Tracking capability
● Delivery costs
● Customer service
● Specialization
Choosing the right shipping service becomes easy once you are clear with these aspects.

Import2India offers the most reliable and economical service for shipping to its clients. Our expert and professional team provide customized logistics solutions for all your logistics and distribution needs. Get the best quote for shipping charges from China to India.